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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Parking Lot Flyer

Parent Drop-Off and Pick Up at Ventana Vista

As many of you have experienced, the parking lot at Ventana Vista can become quite congested at arrival and dismissal times. To ensure the safety of students and adults, please adhere to the following guidelines:

 • Please allow your child to utilize the district school bus service whenever possible. Bus service is available to open enrollment families through application.

 • If you are unable to utilize the bus service, please consider carpooling with a neighbor. The fewer cars coming through the lot the better!

 • The front parking lot may not be used to drop students off or pick them up. In the morning, the front lot will be closed when full. In the afternoon, cars will not be permitted into the front lot after 2:30 PM.

• Students may be dropped off or picked up using the north parking lot only.

     • Enter off of Kolb Road. Turn right onto Mountain Shadows. Form one lane only, until past the entrance to the housing division at the end of Mountain Shadows. Do not block the entrance to the housing division. Split into two lanes along the pick-up curb.

     • Please do not park in the housing division. It is illegal to do so.

     • Please do not form a third lane in the interior parking lot, waiting for cars to exit.

     • Parking is permitted in designated spaces in the north lot only. It is not permitted anywhere along Mountain Shadows. As cars exit the north lot, other cars may enter to take their place.

     • If you do park your vehicle, please walk across the crosswalk to meet your child. Children will not be permitted to cross into the parking lot without an adult.

 • Please exercise extreme caution (and patience!) in the parking lots at all times. We thank you for remembering to be courteous to our crossing guards and staff members!